Thursday, 3 November 2016

October 2016

October's been great. Firstly the 10k I did on the 1st went well. My aim was 45 minutes and I got 46:55. I was pleased with how I ran but disappointed to not get 45 despite being proud of the time I did get. It's really comforting to have these side interests I think like running and even though I didn't entirely enjoy the training and occasionally wondered why the hell I was doing this it was worth it for that final 200 metres of people cheering you on and, of course, the beer afterwards.

This month has been a hell of a success. A much needed one. There are some actors I've met along the way who seem to always have things going on and I am so envious always of their busy lifestyle. I consider it a successful year if I get one big job but October has been kind and has given me 2. I did some modelling and hand modelling (yes this means I can say I'm officially a hand model) for Visa and a TV advert for Those were the big jobs and with them came lots of little brilliant voice over and corporate jobs. It's weird to say 'I'm on a roll' when all of this is down to luck. Momentum is all mental if it's felt with these jobs I think. I'm a lucky boy to have these things work out and I do genuinely feel stronger for it, as odd as that may sound. I'm really happy at the moment.

I've somewhat drowned in a passionate love affair with my lighthouse film. I think about it every day and any time I'm free I work towards making it more of a reality. I'm currently casting for it and working on an Indiegogo crowdfunding pitch that will be up and running hopefully within the next week. It's slowly coming together and that feeling of miniature progress every time I do something small towards it fuels the passion more. At this moment in time I probably wouldn't mind if I lived off adverts and used them to fun my short film ideas. It really is on par with my love of acting. Being creative is my favourite thing in the whole world and I want to work hard to make the lighthouse film something people can watch and see why I was so keen to make it. I want to make people fall in love and cry and laugh and The Boy Who Wanted To Be A Lighthouse Keeper can do just that. I couldn't recommend sodding everything off and doing what you love any more. It's a complete happiness I'm feeling and it's because I'm only doing what I love and nothing else.