Thursday, 1 September 2016

August 2016 - Lighthouses and Summer

August has been one long boring fairly jobless month so I've decided to write a short film; my next project, called The Boy Who Wanted To Be A Lighthouse Keeper. I got a little drunk with a friend a month ago and told them that one of my 'probably not going to happen but nice thought' plans was to one day live in a lighthouse. As I walked home I had this quirky scene in my head of well-to-do parents asking their son what he's going to do with his life hoping to follow a respectable professional path and simply telling them he wants to be a lighthouse keeper. I got home and wrote for an hour in the moonlight on my rooftop and have spent this month, with the lack of jobs and auditions, working on it. I've realised I love creating and writing just as much as acting. I didn't think I'd love anything more but the writing and imagination of it gets me so inspired and excited that I get really passionate about making things.

Mighty Colour Films is looking strong and its future is exciting. We have films we've not released yet that we're looking forward to showing and will be storming social media by force. I think about what we could achieve with a budget and I wholeheartedly believe we could create some really interesting dynamic beautifully shot films with Adam at the camera helm and Sam's imagination. I have decided I would like to raise money for my lighthouse film. I think we've proven so far what we can do on no budget and want to show off how good we can be with some money behind us. This is uncharted territory as I know nothing about raising money for short films and kickstarter projects but I think in the grand scheme of things I won't be asking for a colossal amount and it's achievable. Unless anyone has a spare £3000 they'd like to make into a future award winning exciting film?

Always worth an ask.

I met with my agent a few weeks ago and he printed off a list of what he'd been putting me up for the last few weeks and one of them was Game of Thrones. I didn't get an audition but still a massive confidence boost in who my agent can get me in front of as well as what he thinks I'm capable of. I'm really happy with him. We talked about how August is always quiet because people go on summer holidays, even production company people, and that it should pick up in September. I think I've been doing all the right things but it's just not happening at the moment. I have faith September will pick up. Actually since I've been writing this I just got booked for a job in Somerset for a few days. I've started going for these little jobs knowing if I can get a few of them a month that's me sorted for a little bit and almost even more importantly it clears my head and makes me feel in control and on top of things. Quiet times are tough so I'm pleased I've had my lighthouse film to keep me occupied and happy. It's been so important for me to keep creative and positive through this tough month and I'm ready for more auditions and jobs now. If I could get maybe a big advert before the year is out that would keep me going but it's still the small roles in tv and film that will build my career. I am happy to be patient and wait for my chance. I've got my own projects to make and to master and champion social media through Mighty Colour Films. Whatever happens this is something I'm in control of and can make some big noise myself. And if I can raise the right money I will.