Saturday, 1 March 2014

So Far So Good

So I've been meaning to write this for about 2 months and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to finally write it. I'm currently in Lanzarote having been asked to be the lead in a pilot for a tv series. We got here on Monday and finished filming on Wednesday but I decided to stay out an extra 5 days to mainly chill out but hopefully write too. We're 1/6 of the way through the year now and I've got to be honest I've had the best 2 months of my life. I can't believe I'm in Lanzarote for a start. I've never felt so rock and roll. Also I filmed my first tv advert earlier last month which comes out 1st April. In the short term I've felt that relief of money worry leave and made the most of London. I was in my friends film and we filmed a lot more of Meet Sam too. It's been a really productive start of the year and I can feel my luck slowly turning round. I thought about the Norway job I was unlucky not to get last year and how positive I'm feeling now about each opportunity as well as thinking realistically. I've been keeping my hopes at a content level with any job I go for so at the moment I'm feeling really happy. Kind of untouchable. All I need money for is to keep me doing what I love in the capital. Other than that I'm happy right where I am getting better and being given more opportunities.

I got pencilled in for a big job with my agent that I ended up not getting, but  am feeling strong in myself. I want to show my agent I am capable of getting the big jobs and am unafraid of huge casting agents. I know I've got the talent to get some big jobs and grow as an actor. It's just about showing my agent that and I feel I'm starting to prove it. 2014 so far has been my year. I've already done things that will stay with me for life and I'm not going to stop working to keep getting these brilliant experiences. I had a dream last night that it was new years eve 2014 and I was walking around Christchurch and people were stopping me in the street and saying they were proud. A big part of me does it because I want to make people back home proud of me. You could call it vanity or having the wrong outlook about it but I'm proud to know the people in Christchurch. My family, friends, am dram group and now a few London friends for life I've made including one from Bristol. I think about them a lot when I'm acting and struggling and it gives me strength. I'm proud to know them and I want to make them proud always.

I think about the person who left for London a year and a half ago. I'm still the same person of course and behave the same but I have changed. Living in London has been one big progression of character so far. I've been affected by London and the new people I've met and I'm in the best place right now. Ups and downs sure, but right now I'm happy.