Thursday, 1 May 2014


Today the Pregnacare advert I was in came out on TV. Today is one of the proudest days of my career. It makes me really thoughtful about the things I've done, the things I'm doing and the things I need to do. I have a lot of work ahead of me. I am so pleased I've made a mark somewhere no matter how small and I'm ready for more. A hell of a lot more and I'm looking for the next big thing to get into. I've felt that this year hasn't been a struggle so far. I've let go of a lot of worry thanks to money problems being sorted for the time being. It's cleared my mind so much to think, ok, so you've bought yourself more time but what do you want to do with that time? I've completed what I thought would be my most challenging new years resolution in the first month and I'm desperate for more. It's incredible what self confidence and self belief can do. I'm a different person. I wasn't worried before I got this advert because I thought; it's me. I'm a good actor and I will thrive on massive opportunities. Every new month trumps the old in being the best of my life so far. I will fight to keep getting better.

The time not spent acting has been used writing and I am working on my own short comedy. I want to film it in September in Spain and I am promising myself I won't let anything stop that happening. I want to stay organised, stay focused and above all stay determined. Some days I wake up not wanting to do anything that day and that's ok. Everyone has those days. I just make sure the next day isn't the same. I know also I would be nothing without the creative people I have around me. I love those people not just because of their friendship but of who they've made me become and how they inspire me on a daily basis. They would be the first people I thank for the things I'm doing now. The stories I'm writing and the growing belief I have in myself. I deserve this and will fight to earn more out of this year. God bless what this life has become.