Sunday, 28 October 2012

A Great Week

It's probably right to blog about the last 7 days. I've had the most successful week since I've moved. Tuesday I was asked by the wonderful Kate Hollowood to be an extra in a TV series she's starring in. Thursday I was an extra in a short film with 2 famous faces and Friday night I was involved in a commercial shoot for To add to all this these jobs they were all paid which is was brilliant. Confidence is at a high and concentration is as ever immovable. I was telling a friend the other day about how great these jobs are and how lucky I am, but the thoughts are constantly with the showreel. I am seeing how building a showreel from scratch is possible, and for me I will definitely get one together with the projects I am already a part of, but it will be a while.

It's a waiting game once you've auditioned for something and your waiting to hear back, but there's one giant waiting game happening outside of this. I'm currently waiting patiently to film my first shoot where I will be able to use the material for a showreel. I will then patiently wait for that footage to be released and then wait again to receive the footage. I'll go ahead and wait once more after finding someone to put a showreel together for me to complete it...then! Then I am ready to face an agent. I want a showreel put together by the end of the year. That is my aim and I'm sure with the things I will be filming and finishing that can happen in time. Already at the back of my mind a cautious voice is reminding me it may be possible I will have to pick up a part time job after the new year. A part of me is already feeling the heat to get things going quicker, but then the majority of me tells me to slow and calm down and reminds me how much time this may take to start getting somewhere.

I am fully in the moment now and caught in the current of working harder to keep the momentum going. I think if I did step out for a moment and sit down I would think its amazing what I've done here so far. I've only ever thought forward since I've moved here and when people praise what I believe to be the good luck I've had so far the normal protocol is generally: Thank them a hell of a lot, shrug it off, make sure both feet are on the ground at all times, and make sure I build on getting a damn load more work to be thankful for. I want to come home for Christmas with brand new stories and successful jobs under my belt. I want to enjoy Christmas once I'm home and know that there was never a time I didn't give my all to keep chasing my career so I can relax and enjoy the holidays knowing I deserve this break.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Someone New

Due to recent events which shall be told later in the blog I'm realising how, financially, not a lot has changed. I am currently not earning a great deal from the jobs I am doing and if I want to stay in London I do need to start earning soon. Now despite all this negative talk my morale could not be higher. Right now I am on target for really brilliant things. I've already mentioned the sketch show which I was successful in getting a part in, and have recently discovered an audition I did for 3 films I was successful in getting a part as well as being offered an extra role in one of the films because they were so impressed. I guess I've just been getting on with things and not thinking about the long term plan but really I'm right on track to getting up a great show reel in the coming months and hopefully at least applying to agents before the year is out. I still stand by if I get an agent before 2013 then this will have been by far the most successful year to date for me.

Days are getting busier and busier so I'm happy. Today I auditioned for a short crime thriller and found myself confident and calm throughout. There wasn't a moment of nerves and when they seemed to enjoy my audition all the way home I was feeling so content with how I'm handling everything that's come at me so far. I can only hope my luck continues and in 6 months time I'll be planning my 2nd year living in London. I remember saying before I moved I needed to be a brand new Sam Stevenson when I get to London and already a month and a half into it I can see differences. The first couple of extra jobs I had I generally kept quiet and only became myself until I got to know people more later in the day. The last extra job I had I went in and was shown to where the extras were sitting, about 15 quiet shy looking types, and sat right in the middle of them and talked to the group nearest me. That's the Sam Stevenson I doubted I could be but confidence has grown and I couldn't be happier with who I have become more of.

To date since moving to London I have been:
An extra in 4 music videos, (one of them being for a very famous singer but for legal reasons I can't divulge any more information!)
1 TV sketch,
Accepted as a major role in an up and coming sketch show,
Been chosen to be a model for a clothing company,
Chosen as lead male for a commercial,
And the recent news of the short films for Cannes film festival.

I'm also currently waiting to hear back from a TV series audition I had last week, a video audition I did for a short film in Bristol and a busy day tomorrow auditioning for a music video and a feature film audition next Tuesday. 2 of the listed jobs were low paid and that's as far as its gone financially so far. I don't see this as a negative. You can't if your in it for the long run. Listing all these things I've done and have ahead of me its probably clear to see why morale is so high. I've already done so much and I haven't even started going for serious work yet. I feel like I'm where I want to be now. At the bottom of about 5 different ladders and I can choose to climb them all. It could be too early to say not getting into drama school was the best thing that ever happened to me, but I've a feeling I'll be saying it sooner than I think. I hope so anyway.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Homeward Bound

So I'm heading home this weekend for the first time since I moved. The journey home made me think about whether I am returning proud and happy with what I've achieved so far. I think there's a lot I can be proud of and I'd quite like some point this weekend to find a break and reflect on what I've done so far. I'm so used to not stopping and constantly looking for the next job, I think this weekend will be good for me if I can find some time to relax and just be proud of myself.

It's been a good week. I've had auditions planned and am almost too busy which is how I like it. More extra jobs in music videos meant I met some more brilliant people. A contact from a previous shoot even contacted me and asked my availability for a shoot next week so the networking is really showing its benefits.

I feel a bit like I've earned this weekend. I have kept my focus only in London and I think I'll realise how much I missed family and friends when I see them. I am also starting to see why London may think people from Bournemouth are mostly elderly folk due to 90% of the people queueing for the coach home were above 70. But hey this is my Bournemouth and I wanted to do it proud. So all in all I am returning to Tuckton a happy man looking forward to a hug from my parents and seeing some faces I have missed a hell of a lot. God bless home.