Thursday, 1 January 2015


I don't like 2014. I had a good opening 2 months but that's all I can say about it. There are too many resolutions I've passed onto 2015's shoulders. 2014 was not a bad year but certainly a quiet one. I have spent the last few weeks doing panto performing to occasionally only a few audience members and thinking about the opportunities I had that would have stopped all this. My feature film audition being the focal point of my thoughts. I want to make it clear though that I'm happy doing panto. It's been really rewarding and great fun with some awesome people. But I have to be honest, as I brutally am in these blogs, I felt a bit of a loser over Christmas. I had nothing brilliant to say about my recent jobs. Only that I was in panto which, to most people, is a pretty lame thing to be part of.

This is a negative blog about the year but I say it with a happiness that the pantomine will finish in February. That I've written and plan to shoot and direct my first short film at the end of February. That I'm going to try stand up in Wolverhampton in March. This pantomime if anything has made me more determined to sort my career out once it's over. My family laugh at me quite a lot. I don't think they understand when I talk about my creative side, my silly songs, my film ideas, my sketches. I want to show them what I'm trying to get across by doing it. I want them to be proud of me, for my friends to be proud of me. Right now I don't feel I have that with my pantomime and need to finish it to move onto serious things. This time next year I want to be proud I made a film, that I tried stand up and that my career is going somewhere really exciting. And it will. 2014 was a stepping stone to something bigger. 2015 will be different.