Friday, 11 September 2015

Meet Sam And Mighty Colour Films

This week has been one of most successful ever. Mighty Colour Films, the collective of Adam, Sam and I, is at a very exciting time. Meet Sam was finally released last Sunday and the films that we made are close to being posted to the public. And this week has been busy filming in Bournemouth for 2 more films. It was a pretty intense couple of days filming with the guys. I was proud to film with them. I always am. The way they look and understand things is, I feel, of a top professional level and I feel I'm in the presence of people who deserve a lot more credit and attention than they receive now. Without knowing it they test and challenge me to think more and always try to improve my work and I feel I have. In the credits of the film we shot on Tuesday it will say 'directed by Sam South' but really it was a collaboration. It's as much my project as it is theirs because of how strongly we work together.

I am excited for Mighty Colour Films. The films that haven't yet been seen that we did 3 years ago would demand recognition at any film festival. There are now 5 films we have not shown and I would say each one deserves merit. But maybe I'm being biased...I couldn't have any more faith in the work we do. Meet Sam is loved and will only get stronger. The films we will release will demand attention and I will demand it for them. What we've done in the last few years has proven the idea of surrounding yourself with positive people and you will have more belief. And also finding creative people to not only work with but be true to and honest and as creatively open as possible. I have a very strong bond to these people because of the performances we've been through together. I have no real reason for making these films. I do it because I love writing and making. Making films is one of the best things in the world, and to do it with my some of my best friends too, well that's just perfect.